Board Readiness

Are you prepared to serve on a corporate or non-profit board of directors? When you are about to step into a new board directorship, you may wonder if your board skills are up to the challenge. AchieveNEXT's Alliance Networks & Services Teams offer comprehensive assessment tools to evaluate board readiness, and the resources needed if gaps are identified.

AchieveNEXT's Board-Readiness Coaching is a customized, individual offering for senior executives and board members who wish to strengthen specific board competencies, such as corporate strategy, governance, finance or corporate affairs.

Are your board skills up to the challenge?  Access AchieveNEXT's Resources & Services:

  • Assessment :  Access comprehensive assessment tools to evaluate the makeup and compensation for board member
  • Board Skills:  Get the skills required to achieve and hold board positions, while becoming a more competent and confident board member.
  • Reporting:  Utilize templates for ideal reporting to your board of directors
  • Network Building:  Participate in networking and best practice shating opportunities with other senior level professionals
  • Resources:  Read and review supplemental information to aid personal development