Compensation Study

The CFO Alliance teamed up with Insperity, a leader in Human Capital Solutions, and AchieveNEXT-Human Capital, a team of relational, psychological, operational, and behavioral experts, to conduct this 2019 Mid-Market Executive Compensation and Culture Study. This Study was produced to provide finance and related C-Suite leaders from Mid-Market enterprises with reliable, unbiased sources for executive salary and incentives data to help them benchmark their executives, their finance teams, their enterprise incentive compensation plans and culture against other similarly positioned enterprises.

This Report is unique in that it not only benchmarks salary data, but also allows organizations to benchmark the design and types of short- and long-term compensation programs offered, including the components and total compensation of CFOs, Controllers, Accounting Managers, as well as for other C-Suite leaders, including Marketing and Sales Leaders. In addition, the Survey identifies and quantifies trends in structuring and tracking sales incentive compensation.