For CFOs, Smart Benchmarking Starts with Knowing Whom to Compare Yourself To.

Who Are Our CFO Alliance Members?

The CFO Alliance is the leading peer advisory network for more than 8,000 CFOs and qualified finance executives from middle market and emerging enterprises from all industries, geographies, sizes, and structures.

Membership to The CFO Alliance is for forward-thinking, innovative finance executives who are committed to a path of constant learning, self-improvement, and knowledge, experience and insight sharing. CFO Alliance Members are poised, sophisticated and professional. CFO Alliance Members share their knowledge, insights, advice and counsel virtually and in-person to 'Make Connections That Count.' Our Members demonstrate an understanding and empathy to the challenges and opportunities of the Modern CFO. 

If you are a CFO or qualified finance leader who embodies these principles in your professional and personal life, then you should join The CFO Alliance.


What We Offer Our Members

The CFO Alliance Community empowers the Modern Finance Executive to make complex decisions on the 4 Forces that drive their individual and enterprise performance:  The intersection of StrategyPeopleTechnology, and Risk.

The CFO Alliance is a peer advisory network for 8,000+ finance leaders who participate in a mix of online and offline benchmarking and best practice sharing forums. Given that time is the greatest asset you are managing, we've built one of the most efficient and effective platform for finance leaders to access and harness the power of this qualified peer network, at any time, from anywhere.

Peers gather together online and in-person to encourage and challenge critical decisions that impact individual and enterprise growth and performance. Read more about what we offer our Members.

What Makes The CFO Alliance Different?

  • We Make Connections That Count.  Dedicated members of our Staff serve as Connections Concierge, connecting Members to Members, Partners, tools, resources, opportunities and data that they can use to advance their individual and enterprise performance, at any time, from anywhere.
  • We treat CFOs as Winners – not Watchers. We want YOU to do the talking. Our Members speak with each other, and are not spoken to. All online and offline gatherings of The CFO Alliance are discussion-oriented and are anchored by our signature Roundtable & Group facilitations.
  • We put RELATIONSHIPS first in everything we do. Connections are not limited by geographic boundaries but are made based upon shared interests in Issues, Industries & Markets.
  • What is shared in this Community stays in this Community. Recommendations on best practices, perspectives, tools and takeaways are created and vetted by the Community & its Members – By CFOs, for CFOs.
  • We avoid noise. We focus on what matters to modern finance executives and the enterprises they serve. We aid the CFOs’ decision-making on the 4 Forces that drive top line, bottom line & shareholder value = People + Strategy + Technology + Risk.
  • We believe 'Either/Or' is not in the equation.   In addition to joining The CFO Alliance, many CFO Alliance Members also join and participate in other industry and market-based associations and other traditional networking and events groups in order to enhance their competency and confidence as finance leaders.  We encourage that! The CFO Alliance works with leading Industry, Media, Academic and Market Partners from across North America to ensure that we have access to the most actionable intelligence and expertise for our Members to access and utilize. Membership to The CFO Alliance is not an Either/Or Equation, but a Both/And Opportunity. Don't learn too late the value of growing your network. Join Today.